Five days. Three guys. Three Songs. Three Times Distilled, with their only real common bond being music, decided to see if the understanding of that language would be enough to communicate the idea that all three had, translating a passion into a success.   

Flashback fifteen years, Joey Michel, and Spencer Wolford met in Salt Lake City, Utah while they were both in middle school.  Joey’s interest in guitar and Spencer’s penchant for the drums led to them beginning to jam together in the 7th grade.  They continued to collaborate in bands throughout high school, until Joey moved away to the Denver, to pursue a degree in music production.  

Fast forward to 2015 and nearly the opposite side of the country, Tyler Seton and Joey meet in Westerly, Rhode Island, at a small local bar playing open mic night.  Both Joey and Tyler, a New Jersey native, are in New England temporarily, and are astounded by the luck of meeting in one of the smallest towns in the smallest state in the Union. Over the winter they begin to work together, Tyler bringing a unique tenor voice to Joey’s honed guitar skills, they play a few gigs together throughout the winter.  

This May with just an idea and their respective instruments, they all flew to Denver, to record with producer Tira Neal, at Silo Sound.  Tira and Joey had met in the last semester of college, and their previous success together in the studio made her a clear choice for this next venture. 

A project nearly fifteen years, three states, and countless miles and hours in the making, Joey took a chance and connected Spencer and Tyler, not sure if anyone would actually get along, with no real direction or music list to create from, for five days of recording.  They brought on videographer Trevr Merchant to capture their experiment on film. 

What follows is a combination of Joey’s determination to record “Use Me” by Bill Withers, a song that he's been obsessed with for years.  Spencer’s openness and lack of assumption of what was to come, and Tyler’s relentless excitement.