Our journey has been a wild one, and if you have been to any of our shows, you are more than likely to agree.  We are a bunch of misfits making it happen. Joey and Spencer have been creating music together since middle school, but have always struggled with finding a solid third member.  In 2015, Joey met Tyler at Perks and Corks a local bar in Rhode Island, and had a dream of fusing the two together to create a new sound.  The emotion the three of us are able to pull out of each other is captivating, fascinating, and one of the most energetic sounds that will ever hit you.  We have poured our lives into this music, and the only thing left to do is share the experience with you. 


We are just finishing up our Indiegogo campaign to record our debut album. We raised $20,000 in less than 2 weeks. You can check out the promotional single we recorded for the campaign here. We will be heading into Plaid Dog Recording studio in Boston, MA to finish the album. Once we have this pressed we will be hitting the road hard the next year, highlighting festivals, and the places we are all from. Utah, Colorado, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and even Key West. We are so excited to bring rock and roll back and into the limelight where it belongs.